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Jazz, Funk, Rhythm, And Bluesy-Soul

Dirty Soul brings the sweaty, low-down heavy funk and soul your body craves. Their intoxicating sound, featuring the vocal talents of Tish Martinez and Michael Feldman, and the funky rhythm section of Gary Doughman and David Norod and an amazing cavalcade of special guests, ensures the energy is high and you will go home knowing you just heard one of the best bands in the DC Metro Area. We just want to groove with you; won't you join us?


Dirty Soul is On the Move!

We will have information about Tish Martinez, Gary Doughman, David Norod and the rest of our merry-band (pun) on the site shortly!  This was a temporary site while I figured out what to do.  Then DIRTY SOUL decided for me!  Can't wait to see you all!

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